Why is this 94-year-old wonderful women wearing this wedding dress?The full story read below…

Since Martha Mae Ophelia Moon Tucker and her beau, Lehman Tucker, exchanged vows in an unplanned wedding at her pastor’s home in 1952, a lot has happened. At the time, Martha’s hometown of Birmingham, Alabama, forbade her from entering a bridal store.

for no other reason than the hue of her skin. So when she said «I do,» she wore a borrowed blue dress rather than the customary gown. Martha is 94 years old and still as sharp as a tack after many years. She is the mother of four children, eleven grandchildren, eighteen great-grandchildren, and one great-great-grandchild. She has consistently been involved in her community, and the Birmingham City Council recently recognized her for her 63 years of polling at the nearby voting center.

It is obvious that this great-grandmother who breathed fire had few regrets in her life. However, Martha said that she would want to wear a wedding dress when she gets married while viewing the movie «Come to America» with her granddaughter Angela Strozier.

To grant their matriarch’s greatest wish, Angela and her cousins made a reservation at David’s Bridal. When Martha donned a gauzy white gown, she immediately felt like a princess! I wanted to know who that was, so I looked in the mirror at myself,» she remarked.

«Yes, I was ecstatic! I felt fantastic! It was as though I were getting married, as I had warned you!» For me, it was precious to be able to fulfill our grandmother’s «want» after everything she had endured for us, Angela added.

This item can now be crossed off the 94-year-old’s wish list. Before I leave this place, I really want to try on my wedding dress,» she stated. I’ve been having this dream for about 70 years. It’s as though my wedding is today. I genuinely enjoy it.

Martha’s wish was so simple to fulfill. Her family is even planning a wedding reception soon! It makes us want to ask our grandparents what they missed out on so we can make their dreams come true!

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