The 45-year-old supermom has seven children and appears to be the same age as her eldest kid. What is the key?

The English mother of seven children maintains an excellent body and youth. How does she manage to resemble her children’s older sister?

Jessica Anslow is a proud mother of seven children, as well as a fitness and make-up specialist.

Jessica wasn’t always in such good form as she is now.

«What’s the secret?» you inquire.

It’s simple: consistent workout, skincare, and faultless makeup keep the 45-year-old Englishwoman looking as good as her eldest daughter.

The beauty, by the way, has three daughters and four sons.

Jessica gave birth to her first kid when she was 20 years old.

The woman isn’t afraid to share her techniques with a 300-thousand-subscriber Instagram following.

Strength training, anti-aging suggestions, and images with her large family – this is how a modern mom’s social networks look.

And what do you think of the mother of seven children’s shape?

Let’s admit that, she deserves respect!

Share your opinion in the comments.

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