The entire audience bursts out laughing when Baby hears his favorite Elvis song.

We’ve all seen videos of amazing youngsters from all around the world. Are you ready to see one that will take your breath away? Below is a picture of one of the most brilliant children ever!

William Stokkebroe, who is only two years old, has already wowed audiences all over the world! Because his dancing routines are so fantastic, everyone is sharing them with their friends and relatives. After seeing the video, you’ll understand why he has over 40 million views and counting!

He’s quite quick on his feet!

At a function, William was able to show off his wonderful footwork. You’ll be surprised at how talented he is at his age! Peter and Kristina, his parents, taught him how to dance. According to The Telegraph, they are also dancers who have been dancing at Studie43 for many years.

The video shows William performing the jive, a difficult dance for someone his age! But when William gets down and dirty on the floor, you’ll notice how well he nails the moves. He’s amazing for his age! Can you image how fantastic he will be when he grows older with more practice? We can’t wait to see what occurs in a few years!

Everyone in the proximity of William went mad when he entered the stage. Everyone seemed to like seeing the tiny child perform his routine, and William also seemed to enjoy dancing to it.

Prepare to be as astounded as we were the first time we saw this wonderful kid dancing his heart out! Many of our moves are superior to his, despite the fact that we are adults who have been dancing for a long time! Are you ready to be astounded?

Check out the video below! We are confident you will like it as much as we did!

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