What these 5-year-old BFFs did will surprise you… Continue reading to learn more…

Children do not harbor prejudice, which is worth emphasizing in a world where many adults resort to hatred and racist stereotypes.

Adults may believe they always know best, but this anecdote demonstrates that we can learn a lot from watching children.

When Lydia Stith Rosebush shared this incredible tale on the Love What Matters Facebook page in 2017, it quickly went viral.

Now that I’ve read the story, I understand why.

So Jax made the decision to cut his hair over the weekend in order to fool his and Reddy’s teacher on Monday.

Because if they both had the same hairstyle, their teacher would have no means of telling them apart.
Lydia, Jax’s mother, posted on Facebook that Jax couldn’t wait to attend to school on Monday with hair like Reddy’s so their teacher couldn’t tell them apart.

Lydia wrote, “If this isn’t proof that hate and prejudice are taught, I don’t know what is.” “The only thing Jax notices that is different about them is their hair.”

In less than a week, the post got more than 85,000 likes and 25,000 shares.

Many people who read the post also wrote about how their own children aren’t prejudiced.

In Germany, a school teacher wrote about a conversation she overheard between a mother and her son.

When his mother asked how many migrants were in his class, the youngster replied, «None, Mom.» There are just children in my class.»

Despite the fact that their touching story went viral a few years ago, Jax and Reddy appear to be still together.

Indeed, it appears that they are still best friends.

Can’t we learn a lot from our children?

Please spread the word about Jax’s brilliant idea by sharing this post. It may help adults stop evaluating people based on their appearance.

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