A Korean beauty shaves her head in her fight against cancer. Her boyfriend bursts into tears the first time he sees her bald.

When this Korean beauty lost her hair and confidence due to chemotherapy, her adoring lover delivered the things she needed to hear.

Dawn Lee, a Korean beauty, has revealed that she has lymphoma cancer and has recently finished her first round of chemotherapy.

Chemotherapy is routinely used to stop the spread of cancer cells, but it also has a significant side effect: hair loss.

In spite of still being in her 20s, the famous social media influencer has already amassed 188,000 followers on Instagram.

Dawn Lee recently stated in a video that she is battling cancer and has been receiving treatment, including chemotherapy.

“It’s about 10 to 12 days after the primary treatment. My hair [is] almost gone now,” she said. “If I wake up, I can see vast hair.”

She shaved her hair and filmed herself at a hairdresser as her hair began to fall out.

Apparently, shaving her head bald was not an easy decision as she burst into tears later in the video.

The video also shows her showing off her new look to her boyfriend for the first time since she shaved her head bald.

Her lover surprised her by buying her a new hat, and as she was fighting back tears, the boyfriend said, «So cute.» The praise made her smile.

«It appears to be in good condition. «You’re looking good, huh?» asked the lover. «It looks good on you.»

Dawn Lee appears to have gradually regained her confidence, as she now proudly displays her new look on Instagram, thanks to her supportive boyfriend and fans.

She is beautiful!

Diagnosed with cancer is obviously terrifying but with all the love and support she receives, we hope she will make it through!

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