This 68-year-old woman had become a model, proving that beauty transcends age…

The universe of models is not separated by a progressive perspective of aging. However, the fashion business has gradually begun to hire models of legal drinking age.

Setsuko Saito, sometimes known as Rosa Saito, is one such individual from So Paulo. At the age of 68, she was given the opportunity to become a model. Saito ultimately decided to give it a chance after a year of coaxing from two modeling agencies and one photographer. She hasn’t changed her ways, and she is now a successful model several years later. She is now 71 years old.

Before modeling, Saito spent a lot of time caring for people. after she was 22, she began caring for her mother, and after her husband died in 2000, she was left with their three children.

She had «devoted herself to someone else» for a long time, which motivated her to pursue modeling. She didn’t want to live her life with regrets. «If I don’t try, I’ll never know,» Saito reasoned.

Saito appears natural, with her long, silver hair and beautiful movements. She is a versatile model that can be used for fashion, editorial, and even commercial photoshoots. Saito has participated in So Paulo fashion weeks and is no stranger to the catwalk. She takes on new projects because she has an adventurous spirit that transcends her age.

As time passes, I feel like I’m learning less and less. Time does pass, but what is time, my God in heaven? If I were to put a number on my soul, I’d say it’s 22 years old.

Saito is a multifaceted model that can be used for editorial, commercial, and even high fashion picture assignments.

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