Simon: «The best song I’ve never heard before.» receives the Golden Buzzer… View the video below…

The incredible Lily Meola entered the stage during the seventeenth season of America’s Got Talent. She performed «Daydream» as her debut song, trying to impress the AGT judges and the audience.

Before her thrilling performance, Lily Meola had an emotional and deep talk with judge Simon Cowell, which may have set the tone for her current five-song EP.

«I wrote [«Daydream»] when everything in my life was so wonderful that I pretty much lived for the afternoon.» His date turned around before the young entertainer could figure out what was going on.

Lily Meola took a break from the music industry after her mother was diagnosed with a malignant tumor. She did this so she could devote her full attention to her mother before her illness took her life.

Lily Meola stated that the many events in her life forced her to keep going after what she desired, which in this case was to be a singer at the age of 27 who performed on the huge stage of AGT.

After her seductive and deep performance of her first song, «Daydream,» the lobby throng couldn’t contain their excitement. All four judges greeted Lily Meola with passionate applause and high acclaim when she made her dramatic arrival.

Heidi Klum was moved by Lily Meola’s performance and should offer the «Daydream» singer a big whoop. This means Lily Meola will advance directly to the talent show’s live semi-final round. A fantastic conclusion and beginning for a talented singer.

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