The infant who was born with gray hair became an Internet sensation. How does he appear now?

Without a doubt, all infants are lovely.

Their photographs have taken over social media because it’s tough to look away from the sleeping baby’s nose, limbs, and legs…

And if a newborn is radically different from others, it’s just a sight to behold.

A child weighing roughly five kilograms was born in Hungary and given the name Benz.

The child was born totally healthy but with some strange characteristics.

He was born with all gray hair!

Despite extensive testing, doctors were unable to determine the reason of the gray hair.

It wasn’t albinism, as was initially assumed.

Benz is the family’s third child, and the two elder children lack this characteristic.

The physicians’ next thought was that the mother was in a particularly stressful circumstance during her pregnancy, and the kid was delivered like this as a result.

But, according to the parent, the entire pregnancy was peaceful.

There were no worries or stresses at all.

Scientists believe that blond hair in children is caused by heredity.

And the cause of this situation could be a shortage of vitamin B12 or a hair cell mutation.

Benz is now a minor star in his community. The «Charming Prince» is his nickname.

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