A 15-year-old Ukrainian in a wheelchair triumphs at the world’s most recognized talent contest… Continue reading to learn more…

Yaroslava walks confidently toward her goal, a smile on her face. She understands that even when things are difficult, there are always sunny spots.

On America’s Got Talent, there appears to be a new star who has already won the hearts of millions of people. She has no intention of stopping either.

Yaroslava Cheklova, a Ukrainian girl, participated in a virtual casting audition.

Who is this lovely lady, and why is she in a wheelchair?

Yaroslava was born with a back herniated disk. As a result, she is confined to a wheelchair. She’s already had 20 procedures. Strong Yasya learned ten years ago that she has kidney failure, a dangerous condition.

Despite this, Yasya marches confidently and cheerfully toward her destination. Dancing makes the young beauty happy and provides her with fresh ideas. She can forget about her illness for a little while by dancing to music.

Her aspirations come true every day. She, for example, wished to dance with Akhtem Seytablaev (actor and director) five years ago. Then, on the show «Dancing with the Stars,» an unexpected miracle occurred.

The blonde beauty will now continue to dance. She has a new goal: she wants to be the world’s best wheelchair dancer. The young lady has already received awards at a number of shows and competitions.

It’s not the first time Ukrainian girls have appeared on the NBC talent show America’s Got Talent. In this initiative, Yasya performs with her lover Denis. The judges admired the two of them and their performances each night. We’re excited to hear the results, which should come soon.

Our protagonist, by the way, only dances for fun. Her primary goal is to earn funds for spinal surgery, which could improve her health. After all, 4.5 million hryvnias is a lot of money for her family.

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