After losing her baby, the mother mare discovers a method to cure herself, gaining the hearts of 26 million people…

The mother horse was in severe pain when something fantastic happened.

Animals, like humans, adore their young and seek to protect them.
Unfortunately, complications can emerge during labor and delivery.

Animals share our human experiences with us. If their child or children die at birth, mothers’ hearts also break. When parents realize they have lost their children, some people keep looking for them while also appearing depressed.

Queen Uniek, a Friesian horse from the Netherlands, was carrying her first foal.
As soon as she began to give delivery, she understood there was an issue. Because she was apprehensive about that particular occasion, she was burning her lips and strutting around within her stable. Yvonne, her owner, stood next to her and tried to calm her down.

An hour later, Uniek gave birth, and the doctors who helped her pulled out a foal that wasn’t breathing. Although they tried their best, it was too late to save him. He failed to succeed.

Yvonne remained to console Uniek.

The distressed mare repeatedly licked her foal in an attempt to revive him, but she was unsuccessful. As Yvonne continued to soothe Uneik, the foal was removed from the mare’s stable. She was aware that her beloved horse was in a lot of pain.

Yvonne and the rest of the Friesian Horses team were then informed of the excellent news. Her buddy called to tell her that they were looking after an orphaned foal.
She wasn’t sure if Queen Uniek would be willing to adopt another horse’s foal, but she thought it might be the answer to her grief.

They loaded the foal into a van and drove it to their land. Yvonne wanted to know if Uniek was interested in adopting the foal as her own. She lost her kid while the foal was without a mother. In the barn, there was a lot of optimism.

Yvonne gradually brought the foal up to Uniek.
The first interactions were extremely tentative. The foal returned her sniff with one of his own. They could tell she was excited to see the foal because she danced a little, almost as if she was claiming him as her own.

It was a truly one-of-a-kind occasion. This was not something I expected to happen. We knew straight once that Queen Uniek had authorized Rising Star, Yvonne told The Dodo.

Since then, Queen Uniek has been at Rising Star’s side.
When they discovered the adorable mother and son inside their stable the next day, Uniek had great feelings for the foal she had adopted. She accompanied him everywhere he went. Rising Star and Uniek often crossed paths.

Rising Star was the happiest foal Yvonne had ever seen, and she was always when she took the two out in the pasture. Like any juvenile animal, he ran and moved around freely. Uniek, on the other hand, kept her infant in sight and trailed closely after him.

See Uneik meeting the foal in the video down below!

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