The successfully separated Siamese twins have already grown up: How they look like today?

On the eve of their first birthday, Siamese twins were successfully separated at a Tennessee hospital. The operation to separate the Nigerian daughters, Miracle and Testimoni Ayeni, began on November 7 at Le Bonheur Children’s Hospital Memphis and lasted 18 hours.

During the operation, the physicians gave one of the girls a green cap and the other a pink cap to help them be identified.

Miracle and Testimoni were hip buddies who shared the same bowel. Such children are born in one out of every five million births.

The operation was attended by 20 doctors, and the children were cared for by a total of 100 individuals. Surgeon Max Langhem, who led the team of specialists, stated that the girls’ future condition would be dreadful if the operation was not performed.

The eldest daughter of the Ayeni family, Marvelus, is 3 years old. According to her mother, she takes care of her younger sisters.

The separated girls after the operation will remain in the hospital for several more months under the supervision of doctors in order to avoid complications.

By the way, this is the second case of separation of Siamese twins at the Le Bonheur hospital in Memphis. The first such operation was carried out in 2011

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