Life is full of surprises! Strangers Who Happened to Meet and Made Someone’s Day

It’s easy to feel alone in the world, but it’s important to realize that we’re all part of a global community.

The persons in the stories below were all going about their business when they were interrupted by a stranger who exclaimed, «Wow.» It turns out that we are continuously surrounded by folks who are nice and compassionate. The trick is to let them in by opening the door!

1. This member is always willing to stop working out in order to help a gym employee with his calculus homework.

2. Trust kids to find a way to use technology to solve their problems!

3. This man dressed up in his nicest vacation suit to surprise his family when they met him at the airport. He met this like-minded fellow with an equally excellent fashion sense before boarding. Forever best buds!

4. Local teens treated this woman’s 5-year-old like he was part of the gang, and she was so grateful.

5. When widower Ray Johnstone put up a classified ad looking for a new fishing friend, he had no idea he’d become an internet celebrity!

With over 60,000 views, the ad generated the hashtag #IllfishwithRay. Ray chose Mati Bats after receiving thousands of offers. Mati Bats provided Ray with a complimentary deep-sea fishing trip.

6. Becca Kinsey was attempting to fly home from Disney World with her fussy 2- and 5-year-old children when a group of strangers stepped in to help.

The mother was “on the verge of tears” with two exhausted children when other mothers came to her aid. One allowed her to bypass the long security line, while another carried her belongings to the gate to ensure they arrived safely. Then, on the plane, this angel offered to hold the toddler for Becca, giving her a much-needed break. It truly takes a village!

7. It was «Dress Like Your Favorite Person Day» at Easton’s school for 5-year-old Easton.
When Easton’s mother heard that her son wanted to dress up as Jeffery, the school security officer, she felt it was too charming. «He keeps me safe,» he said to his mother. When Jeffery saw Easton’s attire, he was both astonished and honored!

8. Lowe’s ran out of generators during a big storm. When a man overheard this woman saying her father relies on oxygen to live, he selflessly gave up his generator so she could take it instead.

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