He drags her barefoot into the center of the dance floor, leaving everyone stunned!

When it comes to dancing, most of us can’t compete with professional dancers’ abilities, but we all know how to tap our feet and nod our heads, right? Today, we’ll look at Forró, an extraordinary dance form that never gets old, no matter how many times you see it.

Forró is a Brazilian dance that symbolizes more than just dancing. It encompasses the style of music, the beat, the way people dance, and even the events that feature Forró music. What distinguishes Forró is that it is all about dynamic and energetic actions, frequently performed by couples dancing very close to each other.

Some people may mistake Forró for salsa or samba at first glance. It may even remind people in the United States of zydeco, a style of music also known as «Cajun» music. But make no mistake: Forró is proudly Brazilian, and the best dancers are happy to be Brazilian. This form of dance brings people together and helps everyone feel happy and a part of a community, regardless of where they come from.

Valmir and Juzinha perform at the Forró de Domingo Festival in Stuttgart, Germany, in the video below. This is the largest Forró event held outside of Brazil. It’s more than just a dance; it’s a big, joyous celebration, and their moves will wow you! Please share your comments on Facebook after watching their excellent performance in the video below.

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