Elvis and His Daughter’s Duet «In the Ghetto» Will Take Your Breath Away

It is terrible for a young girl to lose her father at such a young age. Growing up as the lone daughter of a world-famous entertainer revered by fans decades after his death is exceptionally difficult.

Lisa Marie Presley had this problem after losing her father when she was nine years old.

Lisa Marie was never able to meet her father as an adult. However, he left his imprint on every song he sang. «In the Ghetto» is one such song, the lyrics of which recount the narrative of a poor youngster born in Chicago’s ghettos.

Growing up hungry and penniless, the child purchases a pistol, steals a car, and attempts to flee, only to perish in the streets just as his own son is born in the ghetto. It is one of Elvis’ most well-known songs.

Lisa Marie was able to share a special moment with her father on the thirtyth anniversary of his passing by performing this song that he made famous. In a unique twist, she recorded a video duet with her father, singing the song together.

The resulting video is a loving tribute to the man she called «Dad» as well as a fitting homage to the man fans called «The King». I think The King would be very proud of his daughter and the duet that she created for him!!

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