Woman Photographs Homeless Man Who Cared For Dog Left On Highway, Returns With …

Life on the streets is difficult because homeless people are forced to deal with the elements as well as the shame of having nowhere to call home. No one understands this better than Ron Howell; nevertheless, this homeless guy has taught us that even those in the most dire of circumstances can still provide a helping hand to make the world a better place.

Ron is a frequent panhandler in Salt Lake City, where he frequently stands along the roadside begging for money. But one day, he discovered that someone else needed his assistance even more.

Ron was holding a sign along the street when a woman stopped nearby. While Ron might have expected a cash handout, the woman instead carried a little Chihuahua puppy. When she observed Ron looking at her, she rushed to explain that she couldn’t deal with the dog’s requirements any longer and had to abandon him.

Ron immediately knew that he couldn’t just leave the puppy out alone. «I know how it feels to be homeless,» he said to Fox 13 News. So Ron took the Chihuahua in and cared for him.

Angel Janes was driving down the road when she noticed Ron sitting alongside the whizzing traffic, cradling the puppy in his hands. Angel stopped to talk to Ron about the dog, and he explained the entire situation.

«It was just this little, tiny chihuahua puppy that was curled in his lap, and he explained how someone just dropped it off, and just dropped it there and abandoned it,» Janes said to the news station.

Amazed that he had taken on the responsibility of an abandoned puppy, even though it made his day more difficult, Angel chose to snap a picture and share the story on social media.

It didn’t take long for the post to go viral, and one family felt that they could offer the puppy with the perfect home. Ron was overjoyed to learn that his furry friend was moving to a home where he would be adored and cared for. The puppy was called «Lucky Louie» and sent to live with Ron’s new family. Unfortunately, Ron was left alone, still living beneath the underpass.

Fortunately, some decent samaritans could not forget Ron and his wonderful heart. They proceeded to raise funds to assist this homeless man who was so concerned about small animals. Individuals eventually raised about $7,000 and delivered it to Ron.

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