After a 44-year marriage, the woman divorces and substantially reduces her age thanks to a wonderful makeover…

If you’re reading this from the United States, a dissatisfied couple there is probably leaving their marriage and filing for divorce right now. This is because one married couple in this country files for divorce every thirteen seconds. This is untrue, as we all know, and Vicki, who just divorced after 44 years of marriage, is no exception.

Vicki, like many others, found herself alone and unsure of what to do. Vicki must have grasped the importance of feeling confident and good about herself because she chose to schedule a meeting with Christopher Hopkins, also known as «The Makeover Guy,» as her first move. Hopkins was looking forward to her makeover since she knew Hopkins had the skill to embrace her newly single self and make her feel fun and amazing!

Being freshly alone, especially after a 44-year marriage, may be quite stressful. Vicki’s feelings, as well as her optimism when she stated that she had been ready for a long time to think of herself as attractive again, were both very believable on film. She was terrified of being alone, especially because she hadn’t been alone since she was 18 years old! Who wouldn’t be scared?

Vicki had no idea how to live a «single life.» Who was she looking for, and how was she going to find them? What will new acquaintances think of me? As we all do, she questioned herself.

The Makeover Guy obviously understood her because he knew just how to assist her. Instead of just a fast hair style, Christopher thought her amazing inner beauty required a complete transformation. Christopher decided to go above and beyond for this lovely lady after sensing her apparent lack of confidence or perhaps melancholy.

He started with Vicki’s hair, cutting off a significant amount of length and dying the remainder. He focused on her makeup as the dye started to take effect. Christopher expressed his support for her along the process. He began by coloring her eyebrows a shade or two lighter than their natural color so that they would mix in with her freshly evened-out skin tone after applying a light foundation. Vicki lost more and more of her identity as the makeup and transformation process went on.

Watch her touching video below:

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