As another method to express his love and make his practically blind wife happy, an 84-year-old man learns to do her make-up…

He also does an excellent job, which is quite nice.

Mona Monahan of Waterford, Ireland, feels her best when she is put together and wearing makeup.

Her vision, however, was fading and she would soon lose it totally.
Des Monahan, on the other hand, wanted to ensure that his wife felt attractive at all times, regardless of whether she could see her appearance or not.

He therefore made the decision to learn her makeup technique in order to continue the daily ritual that had allowed her to feel like herself for more than 50 years of marriage.

Des explained, “I thought the sooner I learned the better because Mona’s eyesight is failing and she won’t be able to do her makeup in the future.”

He didn’t just watch a few YouTube videos. Des enrolled in a couple of sessions at a neighboring Debenhams store.

A makeup artist, Rosie O’Driscoll, met with the senior couple and taught them how to apply cosmetics to Des’ wife.
«When we got to the Benefit counter, I just grabbed the brushes and began asking Rosie to apply her makeup.» Des stated, «We visit Rosie every day to see her so I can get additional tips, and she has been a fantastic friend to us.»

Even outside of their makeup classes, the pair now considers O’Driscoll to be a friend.
O’Driscoll frequently makes a tea break at the Monahans’ house.
“They are such a sweet couple, and Des enjoyed picking up helpful tips for Mona right away. He wanted to assist Mona in any way he could because it was clear that she was losing her sight, according to O’Driscoll.

Because I work in the cosmetics sector, I am aware that applying makeup each morning boosts one’s self-esteem and is also enjoyable. We laugh so hard when they approach the Benefit counter, but our friendship extends beyond Debenhams as well.

Des can now boldly dress up her full face with eyeliner, lipstick, and bronzer.

He understands which brushes to use and where to apply each application.
Des wears lipsticks and eyeliners that I could never pull off, said Mona. I now have difficulty discriminating between different color colors, but because of Des, I know that my makeup will always look flawless.

Des claims that he is now so comfortable applying makeup that he could possibly conduct his own workshops.

He is picking up a lot of fresh information. You can’t tell him that he sometimes uses a little too much force. He believes he knows everything, O’Driscoll said.

Instead of simply repeating the new routine, Des is experimenting with a variety of new looks.

He also favors specific tools and products.
«He has a preoccupation with the brows,» O’Driscoll observed. He’s gone back to using pencils. He prefers Mona’s appearance with the pencil.

“Des and Mona’s story demonstrates that new skills can always be learned, regardless of your age or gender.”

Watch the adorable video below:

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