He found blessing in his blindness and became a brilliant woodworker, but his path wasn’t always simple…

Being blind, according to John, has aided in his development into the person he is now.

«Life’s attitude toward us is influenced by our attitude toward life.» Johnson and Mitchell

John Furniss is a well-known artist and outdoorsman who motivates and inspires everyone he meets.

He claims that his life is now pleasant and upbeat, although this was not always the case.

John had previously felt lost when he was still a teenager. He struggled with melancholy and anxiety, and he never felt like his life had any meaning.

He had a sense of alienation.
John committed suicide when he was just 16 years old as a result of all those bad feelings.

Fortunately for him, John only suffered from vision and smell loss.
After that, he entered treatment, underwent rehab, and returned to a little village.

His return to normalcy took years.

Then, one day, he enrolled in a vocational rehabilitation program to help him with his job search.

In addition to cooking and cleaning, there was a braille and wood shop option.

John thought it was ludicrous to offer a wood shop as an option.

How could a blind person create woodwork?

John decided to take up woodworking. He was taken aback when he discovered happiness through his new gift. Not only did he fall in love with woodworking, but he also discovered his innate knack for it.

In addition, he met and married Annie, his soul mate, who supported him every step of the way and shared his excitement.

One day, a friend suggested they try to upload John’s incredible woodwork on TikTok.

They were initially cautious because they believed TikTok was only for teenagers.
They used TikTok and enjoyed it, but what astonished them was how the audience embraced and adored John’s art as well as his personal narrative.

They already have over 1.8 million followers.
He visualizes what he wants to do and then executes it with his hands and recollections.

If you ask John, now renowned as the «blind woodsman,» if he regrets some of his previous decisions, he will say:

«I’ve come to believe that I’m supposed to be blind over the years.» That was necessary for me to grow into the guy I am today.

He smiles as he tells how his life has transformed.
Although some may argue that being blind is difficult, John disagrees.

Life is pleasant for this blind woodsman, and despite his blindness, he can still sense it and experience great delight.

In a separate interview, he stated that John had previously been a guest speaker at a middle school attended by a 12-year-old girl.

«She claimed that her father had committed suicide, and my story helped her understand the situation and cope in some way.» «Thanks to TikTok, I’ve been able to do that practically on a global scale,» John explained. «It would have taken me a lifetime to do that.»

John is using his life experiences to help and inspire people in his own small manner. Being alive is wonderful, especially when your life’s work has been fulfilled.

In sharing his experience, he hopes to motivate those who may have gone through similar feelings and obstacles to him.

John’s loss of sight paved the path for him to discover his calling. He still holds that view today.

Watch his video below;

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