An elderly woman finds a Karaoke machine at Goodwill and brings the store to life with her spirited singing. VIDEO

Following the success of Macklemore’s hit song «Thrift Shop,» thrift businesses such as Goodwill have grown in popularity among young people. These boutiques provide one-of-a-kind bargains, and with a little patience, you may snag fantastic deals, especially in affluent neighborhoods. Deanna Mae Garvin, known for always having a song in her heart, went to her local Goodwill in Hamilton, Ohio, to look for a karaoke machine.

During her hunt, she came across a karaoke machine and sought an employee for assistance in taking it down. In exchange, the staff requested that she sing something to brighten up the store. Deanna couldn’t say no because she loves to sing, and she delivered an impassioned rendition of the famous spiritual «He’s Got the Whole World in His Hands.» Shopper John Schuerfranz recorded her act and later shared it on Facebook. Within hours, the video became viral.

Customers were enchanted by Deanna’s dynamic performance while dressed in her stunning purple costume and white crochet sweater. She chatted with them during her breaks, and they flocked around her to hear her sing. She even admitted to having worn out two karaoke machines in the past. Deanna was shocked when the video received over 34,000 views on Facebook.

A client purchased the karaoke machine that Deanna wanted but couldn’t afford and surprised her by giving it to her as a gift. Schuerfranz, who shot the video, speculated that Deanna may become an overnight phenomenon. Despite being a shy girl in the past, Deanna’s energetic performance has brought joy to many people and inspired others, regardless of age or background, to pursue their ambitions.

In conclusion, Deanna Mae Garvin’s impromptu performance at Goodwill in Hamilton, Ohio, has become a viral sensation. Her infectious energy and lively singing have brought joy to many people, and her story has inspired others to pursue their passions. Shopping at thrift stores can lead to unexpected finds and unique experiences, and Deanna’s karaoke performance is a prime example of this.

Watch the original video and the interview video below:

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