Comedy Gold: Johnny Carson and Cowboy Boxer Tex Cobb’s Hilarious Banter

Randall «Tex» Cobb, a cowboy boxer, appeared on The Tonight Show with Johnny Carson in 1983, and their banter had the audience in laughter. Cobb was a boxing character who had recently fought Larry Holmes in a 15-round match and was not well-known among non-boxing fans. Cobb’s humor and humility came through throughout their casual talk about the battle.

Carson asked Cobb about his sentiments during the fight when he realized he was losing during the interview. Cobb compared it to a frustrating game of tag and quipped that if there had been 15 or 20 more rounds, he would have won. He was obviously sarcastic, yet his upbeat energy and self-deprecating humor made for a hilarious and refreshing talk.

Cobb’s sportsmanship and humility were unique even in the sports world at the time. Athletes nowadays typically strut and talk smack, and it’s unusual to see them chuckle about their losses. The interview served as a reminder of the value of humility and the influence it can have on one’s reputation.

Overall, the interview between Johnny Carson and Randall “Tex” Cobb was a lighthearted and enjoyable conversation about the sport of boxing and the importance of sportsmanship. It’s a great reminder that we need more positive and respectful conversations like this in today’s world.

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