After Gifting My Fiancé a PS5, I Couldn’t Hold Back Tears Upon Discovering His Christmas Surprise for Me.

A woman decided to cut her Christmas celebration short with her future in-laws due to her disappointment with the gift her fiancé gave her. She was absolutely shocked by his gift, especially considering the effort she put into giving him a PS5.

In their relationship, the woman’s fiancè earned significantly more than her due to his profession as a pediatrician, while she worked as a hairstylist. Nevertheless, she didn’t let that stop her from getting him a fantastic Christmas gift.

After months of diligent saving, she finally managed to surprise her fiancè with the coveted item he had been obsessing over: a PS5. It proved to be quite a challenge to find the perfect gift, given the high demand for the console.

Her Future Husband Didn’t Put in Any Effort

After some searching, the woman managed to find one with the help of a relative who added a markup to the standard retail price. «It was quite a challenge,» she confessed.

The woman decided to share her story on Reddit, recounting the events that took place that Christmas. She was curious to know the opinions of others regarding her situation, particularly considering the amount of effort she had put into finding the perfect gift for her fiancé.

Her fiancé opened a private practice that year. His financial situation had significantly improved compared to before.

Thanks to his reliable source of income, he generously handed over his old apartment to his parents. In a generous gesture, he decided to give his brother his old Mercedes Benz, complete with luxurious customizations.

In the days leading up to Christmas, he was clearly occupied with his patients. He never thought to ask about his fiancèe’s Christmas wishes, so she took the initiative to bring it up.

She began discussing the important items she would need in the upcoming year. He attentively listened to her every word, leaving the woman with the impression that he truly grasped her message.

During the festive season, the man’s family gathered together to celebrate with the couple. As the gift exchange began, all eyes were on the man as he presented his thoughtful gift to his fiancèe.

Imagine her surprise when she discovered it was a pack of toothpicks. His younger sister couldn’t help but burst into laughter, capturing the whole moment on camera.

The woman blinked. She was completely taken aback and caught off guard. To make matters worse, the guy said it was his fiancèe, making things awkward.

The man then asked if his fiancée liked the gift or if he should give it to his niece. «He was insistent that I simply accept it and expressed gratitude for the PS5 I gifted him,» the woman recounted.

The woman left the room and went to the bathroom to calm down. She was still shocked by what had happened. She could still hear the laughter of his family, and all she wanted to do was let her tears flow.

Her fiancè unexpectedly knocked on the door and revealed that everything had been a prank. He placed the blame entirely on his younger sister, who had proposed the prank to him.

At this point, the woman reached her breaking point. People in his family gathered to see them fight after she started yelling at him.

She described her fiancè as «childish» and «insensitive,» while he argued that she was overreacting. In the end, the woman reached her breaking point and made the decision to spend the remainder of Christmas at her mom’s house.

Her future mother-in-law gave her a call, pointing fingers and accusing her of being the cause of everyone’s bad mood. Meanwhile, the woman’s mother passionately defended her, expressing her belief that everyone involved had made a grave mistake by participating in such a heartless prank.

The very next day, her fiancè arrived with what he believed to be her true gift. He expressed his apologies to her and emphasized that the entire situation was his sister’s idea.

Despite this, the woman remained unconvinced that the entire situation was acceptable. His sister was 23 years old and shouldn’t have been pulling pranks.

People on the Internet Share Their Reactions

The woman went on to find opinions from the Reddit community regarding her actions. They went out of their way to reassure her that she was not to blame.

«I would have left as well. I would also reconsider the engagement. His sister’s behavior was immature and unkind, and he simply went along with it. «He just demonstrated a lack of respect towards you, and the same goes for his family,» commented a reader.

«He and his family are mean. You made the right decision by leaving the way you did,» another commenter agreed. «I’d also mention that this demonstrates the level of respect he and his family have for you, which might make you reconsider becoming a part of his family,» someone echoed.

What are your thoughts on the woman’s situation? What are your thoughts on her reaction?

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