Identical Twin Brothers Pull Off a Prank on a Hospital Nurse and It’s Both Epic and Hilarious

Two identical twin brothers pull a hilarious prank on a nurse at the hospital after one of them undergoes hip surgery. The video is guaranteed to make you laugh!

Visiting hospitals or emergency rooms is not something anyone looks forward to. Most of the time, trips to the hospital are not fun, funny, or joyful. It’s usually done to fix something that’s making them uncomfortable or hurt, which is rarely, if ever, something to laugh about.

These two men in the video who are identical twin brothers decided to play a playful prank on a hospital employee, taking advantage of their striking resemblance.

In the Instagram post, a middle-aged man with a receding hairline emerges from a hospital room, wearing a gown and walking with a limp. As soon as the nurse notices the man’s difficulty in walking, she quickly rushes to his side and warns him about the potential risks of his actions.

«Where are you going?» the nurse asks. «This is very dangerous. You have to stop!»

In defiance of the nurse’s strict instructions, the «hospital patient» persists in his movement. In a particular moment, he starts lifting his leg and adds a few playful hops. The man pretends to stumble, while the nurse firmly grasps his left arm.

«I’m serious,» she stated. «Joking? Stop! Look at me! Look at me! I’m not joking!»

At this stage, while the nurse desperately implores the patient to remain still, a wave of laughter fills the room. It’s hard not to get caught up in the excitement as the nurse’s face contorts with anger and horror in response to the twin brothers’ mischievous prank.

After some time, the person operating the camera gently gets the attention of the nurse and guides her to the man’s hospital room. To the nurse’s astonishment, the hospital bed is already taken. The man who recently had hip surgery is still in his bed.

The nurse, upon discovering she has fallen victim to a mischievous prank by twin brothers, can’t help but bury her face in her hands. Her eyes speak volumes. She experiences a mix of surprise and relief.

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