Supermodel Twiggy, Known for Her Iconic Looks, Continues to Radiate Beauty Even at the Age of 74.

In recent years, there has been an abundance of supermodels who have captured the spotlight with their distinct beauty and captivating fashion sense. Twiggy was one of them, emerging as a captivating symbol of beauty when she was discovered in 1966.

Lesley Lawson, also known as the model and fashion designer, was born on September 19, 1949. She grew up in Neasden, a quiet suburb of London in the United Kingdom.

From a young age, Twiggy developed a passion for fashion, thanks to her mother’s guidance in the art of sewing. She eventually applied this skill to create her own clothing.

In a piece she penned for British Vogue, initially released in 2019, the model reminisced about a time when she was just 14 years old. Back then, she decided to take charge and landed a gig as a hairdresser on Saturdays.

She would spend her earnings on purchasing clothes from the boutiques along Abingdon Road in Kensington.

«Back then, I was simply an ordinary girl living in Neasden. From Monday to Friday, I would don the familiar uniform for my daily visit to the local grammar school. It consisted of a crisp white shirt, a vibrant red tie, and a navy pleated skirt. I must admit, I often found myself in trouble for rolling up the skirt at the waist to give it a shorter length,» she told.

Twiggy’s rise to fame was meteoric, capturing the hearts of the public. Although her time in the spotlight eventually waned, this supermodel never called it quits and remained dedicated to her work in the fashion industry. Continue reading to discover more about her appearance and current endeavors following her successful modeling career.

Despite being just 14 years old, Twiggy, the model, mentioned that her parents allowed her to attend a mod club. Mod, a fashion style that emerged in Great Britain during the 1950s, was known for its modern and consumer-driven nature, as well as its lively party scene. She closely observed the fashion choices of the older girls and took inspiration from them. However, she always added her own unique touch to the outfits she created for herself and her best friend.

Later, a friend recommended that she try out some test shots commonly used in the modeling industry. She made the bold choice to change her look by cutting her hair short, despite her affection for her long locks that cascaded down to her shoulders.

Little did she know, her career would take off from that big decision.

«With a hint of uncertainty, I reluctantly agreed to the haircut, and it catapulted my fashion career into the spotlight in no time.» «A few weeks after seeing my picture, the journalist Deidre McSharry met with me and then wrote a story in The Daily Express calling me «The Face Of ’66. She wrote that former American Vogue editor-in-chief Diana Vreeland also thought she was «it.»

«My life turned into a whirlwind,» the model remarked.

Her life took a remarkable turn in the following years as she had the opportunity to collaborate and work with renowned photographers like Richard Avedon, Bert Stern, and David Bailey. Additionally, she had the privilege of wearing exquisite clothes from esteemed fashion houses such as Saint Laurent and Pierre Cardin.

Regrettably, her life wasn’t all about glitz and glamor. As reported by The Guardian, she tied the knot with actor Michael Whitney in 1977. They had a child together named Carly.

In their marriage, her ex-husband struggled with alcoholism, which ultimately led to the downfall of their relationship. Years later, tragedy struck when the actor suddenly collapsed and tragically passed away, leaving behind their daughter who was about to celebrate her fifth birthday.

In 1988, Twiggy tied the knot again and has been happily committed to Leigh Lawson ever since.

In a piece published by the Daily Express in 2018, it was mentioned that Twiggy decided to step back from her career four years after it skyrocketed. However, this didn’t mean she completely stopped working.

The model pursued various creative endeavors, such as acting, music, fashion design, and more, keeping herself constantly occupied.

Twiggy shared insights into her work ethic years after her illustrious career: «I now carefully select the projects I take on and only commit to those that truly ignite my passion. This is especially crucial at this stage of my life… I believe I deserve that at my age.»

In terms of her personal life, Twiggy has recently embraced the joy of becoming a grandmother. Her daughter has welcomed one child, while her stepson has been blessed with two.

I am the top babysitter and I couldn’t be more thrilled about it. «They are little for such a short period, and if you overlook that, it would be devastating,» she emphasized.

In 2023, Twiggy celebrated her 74th birthday and remained a vibrant presence in the entertainment industry. She embarked on a new venture with a podcast called «Tea With Twiggy,» where she engages in intimate weekly conversations with her closest friends while enjoying a delightful cup of tea.

She thoroughly enjoyed sharing new and throwback photos on her Instagram account to keep her fans in the loop about her life.

Twiggy recently shared a heartwarming snap on social media, capturing a precious moment with her daughter as they celebrated Mother’s Day together.

Commenters flooded the section with compliments for the model’s enduring beauty.

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