Tim Conway Made Harvey Korman Wet His Pants With His Joke — ‘The Dentist’ From The Carol Burnett Show (Full Sketch)

Certain moments in television history seem to age like fine wine, becoming even more exceptional over time. I want to talk about a really funny skit called «The Dentist» from The Carol Burnett Show. It’s a great example of comedy. No matter what age watches it, it makes people laugh out loud, making it one of the funniest show moments ever.

In just eleven years, The Carol Burnett Show became a huge success, winning 25 Emmy Awards and eight Golden Globes. It also helped launch the careers of many talented comedians. This program is still considered one of the most prestigious in television history.

One of their most famous and funny skits is «The Dentist,» featuring comedians Tim Conway and Harvey Korman, and it’s still being shared around. There’s this scene that’s stuck in my head and I can’t shake it off. Conway and Korman can barely contain their laughter as they watch the act. It’s just too hilarious!

In the story «The Dentist,» the character Korman is suffering from a really painful toothache. So, this one time on a Sunday, the guy goes to the dentist and guess what? His usual dentist is out and his nephew, Conway, is taking care of things instead.

Korman is going to be the dentist’s very first patient because he recently completed his dentistry education. The anxious dentist shares his efforts to make his first client comfortable, even resorting to some white lies. He reassures the client that during dental school, he primarily focused on tooth extractions in animals and received average grades. But poor Korman is so miserable that he doesn’t care about any of the reasons.

By the time the comedy show came to an end, everything seemed to be in a state of numbness, except for the constant laughter from the audience and the patient’s mouth. Clearly, the comedy aims to bring joy to its audience, leaving them curious about whether the patient’s tooth is eventually extracted.

Can’t we all relate to the shared misery of a truly awful dental experience? The Carrol Burnett Show captivated viewers for over a decade with its genuine, wholesome, and politically-neutral humor. It’s easy to see why this timeless television gem still brings joy to audiences of every generation.

Check out this super funny video:

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