Nerds on a Date — Carol Burnett And Jerry Lewis Go On Date In Hysterical Sketch

In this side-splitting sketch from The Carol Burnett Show, two comedic legends, Carol Burnett and Jerry Lewis, portray two socially awkward individuals on a first date.

Dating can be quite an awkward and unsettling experience. Sometimes it’s hard to get the nerve to ask someone out. However, first dates can often be quite uncomfortable as two individuals attempt to engage in conversation and get to know each other. Occasionally, a spark ignites or a connection forms, while in other instances, things take a turn for the worse.

In a video shared on YouTube, Carol Burnett and Jerry Lewis portray two individuals who are eccentric and unconventional in every possible way. They find themselves on an unexpected blind date, orchestrated by their well-meaning but pushy parents, who emphasize the importance of their potential romantic connection. There’s a lot riding on the connection between these two individuals.

Jerry Lewis walks into the room, dressed in dark, thick-rimmed glasses, a suit jacket, and slacks that are a few inches too short. It’s clear that he’s getting ready for a big date. Carol also sports a pair of thick glasses and deals with a persistent «postnasal drip.»

Jerry’s day takes a turn for the worse as he stumbles over the couch. They quickly assess each other, and the conversation is far from engaging. Every individual discusses their personal history and the challenges they’ve faced in their social lives.

In the middle of the skit, Carol’s character casually mentions that her father had recommended she consider getting plastic surgery. Jerry inquires about the completion date, and Carol humorously replies that it has already been finished.

There is also some dancing, with Jerry enthusiastically hopping and jumping around the room.

However, a peculiar and surprising turn of events takes place. The two quickly develop a strong connection and experience a rather unconventional first kiss. They proceed to have the most peculiar second kiss imaginable.

I can’t help but wonder how Carol and Jerry managed to keep straight faces throughout the entire sketch. It’s truly impressive! This sketch is absolutely hilarious!

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