Tim Conway Shines With His Comic Brilliance in This Hilarious ‘Cafeteria’ Sketch from The Carol Burnett Show

The «Cafeteria» segment from «The Carol Burnett Show» delivered uproarious laughter. The moment Tim Conway settled down with Carol Burnett’s lasagna, the entire venue erupted in giggles.

In our contemporary era, cafeterias are not as prevalent. However, in the 60s and 70s, they served as a convenient option for quick lunches on the go.

The challenge, as depicted in this sketch, was the rapid and intense crowding that could occur in cafeterias—imagine the bustling atmosphere of a Saturday morning at Starbucks. And then Harvey Korman and Vicki Lawrence steal Tim Conway and Carol Burnett’s seats. Want even more laughs?

Then treat yourself with the video below. Let’s relive those good old days, shall we? And don’t forget to SHARE this comic brilliance with your friends on Facebook.

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