She Is Crowned Miss Florida USA, But Loses the Title After They See a Picture of Her Makeup Routine.

Génesis Dávila was crowned Miss Florida USA on July 16, 2016. She was supposed to advance to the Miss USA pageant, and if successful, to the Miss Universe pageant, which is the greatest title a model can have. As you may guess, Génesis was overjoyed and very appreciative.

However, the stunning 24-year-old lost her crown entirely a few days later. The cause, however, could surprise you.

Génesis shared an Instagram snapshot a few nights before to the contest. The beauty queen in the picture was having professional cosmetics applied to her makeup.

On the other hand, beauty pageant regulations require that candidates must do their own makeup.

The image, according to pageant officials, was «substantial proof» that Génesis had broken the rules on an evening when professional makeup artists were not permitted. Génesis was eliminated after complaints from other competitors!

The cosmetics controversy divided a lot of people’s opinions. «Everyone has professional makeup applied. However, they were never foolish enough to POST a picture of the makeup artist they had hired,» a viewer said.

Another person said, «This was the dumbest reason to lose her title ever.»

Linette De Los Santos was crowned Miss Florida USA, but Génesis fought back. Watch the videos below to learn more.

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