12-Year-Old Leap Year Quadruplets Celebrate Their ‘Third Birthday’. Look How The Special Brothers Look Like Now

Britain’s unique quadruplets born on a leap year are marking their ‘third’ birthday this week, a dozen years after their birth.

Reuben, Samuel, Zachary, and Joshua Robbins entered the world within six minutes of each other on February 29th, 2012.

March 1 is a special day for them as they celebrate their birthdays annually, but every four years they get to mark the actual day, which is excluded from the calendar for three years.

Martin Robbins is facing quite a challenge this time, with each child having unique ideas on how to celebrate the special day.

Deciding on activities can sometimes be a challenge when everyone has different preferences. Bowling, go-karting, and archery are all on the table, so finding a compromise is key!

Martin has been sharing insights with the media about their unique litter, offering readers a firsthand look into life with quadruplets.

Emma Robbins welcomed her two boys into the world through an emergency Caesarean section, with Reuben arriving first, and Zachary following shortly after. Zachary’s twin brother Joshua was the largest. Samuel, who doesn’t look like the other three, was the last to be born, and he had dark hair to top it off.

The quads also have a 14-year-old brother named Luke, whom they «love very much.»

Martin said that they look up to him and often follow him around.

Let’s talk about the quadruplets in this family. Three of them, Reuben, Zachery, and Joshua, are genetically identical. Although Samuel is not identical to his brothers, he bears a striking resemblance to his older brother Luke and their mom.

«Sam appears to be the leader of the group, both socially and mentally,» their father remarked. They are all one and the same! Similar to me, they have fair hair while Sam has dark hair.

Each of the boys has developed their own unique personality over time, becoming more involved in various interests as they’ve grown older. Each person is unique and should be appreciated for their individuality. It’s puzzling why some try to categorize people into groups.

Josh’s passion for sports knows no bounds, with football and basketball being his top picks. Zach and Reuben are incredibly passionate about music. Singing, dancing, and playing the keyboard are some of their favorite activities. Reuben and Zach have a knack for all things artsy and creative. According to Mr. Robbins, Sam is the tech-savvy one with a curious mind who always asks questions. At their new school in Bristol, the four friends are known by the collective nickname ‘copy-paste’.

«It’s a crucial period for them, essential for their social growth as they begin to establish their unique identities,» he emphasized. Engaging in this activity allows the boys to form meaningful connections and provides them with conversation topics for when they return home.

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