A Toddler Transformed into a ‘Golden Girl’ with an 80s Hairdo! Her Hilarious Antics Will Leave You in Stitches

Experiencing the undeniable allure of a young girl sporting a classic 80s hairstyle is truly charming. As she twirls and laughs, her innocent excitement becomes a nostalgic tribute to a past era. The distinctive styles of the 80s, featuring voluminous curls, playful ponytails, and vibrant scrunchies, come to life in this little fashionista, TikTok’s latest internet sensation, Evelyn Mae—a one-year-old with an envy-inducing bouffant hairdo.

Credit for her flawless ‘Golden Girls’ hairstyle goes to her mom, Autumn Mathas, and grandmother, Trina King, both seasoned hairstylists. This marked a significant milestone for Evelyn Mae as she had her first haircut, expertly handled by Autumn and Trina. Inside the salon, King, 52, found herself reminiscing about her beauty school days, recalling the art of creating «wet set» hairstyles involving gel, meticulous hair wrapping, and a session under a dryer.

Impressed with the results, King decided to apply this classic method to Evelyn Mae, and the outcome delighted everyone. King, thoroughly impressed with her granddaughter’s newfound hairdo, couldn’t resist sharing a video on TikTok, sparking a viral sensation and amusing claims from viewers about Evelyn Mae’s potential roles.

Surprisingly, the success of the videos hinges on Evelyn Mae’s mood, ensuring she’s content, well-fed, and well-rested. King expresses gratitude to YouTuber Ms. Rachel, a «savior» who helped Evelyn Mae endure the 20-minute styling treatment. In the videos, Evelyn Mae showcases toddler life with style, from sidewalk strolls to driving a toy car, dressed in a purple sparkly top with a purse full of candies and her favorite perfume, Elizabeth Taylor White Diamonds.

Evelyn Mae’s next adventure is anticipated to take her to the local grocery store, promising more delightful content for her growing fanbase. King remains optimistic about the future, describing this unexpected journey as a «fun ride» with numerous creative ideas waiting to be explored. It’s not just about reviving the past; it’s an enchanting expedition into a cherished treasure trove of moments that transcend time, akin to unlocking a forgotten storybook filled with tales of laughter, adventures, and a sense of pure, uncomplicated happiness.

Watch the charm of Evelyn Mae’s adorable hairdo in her TikTok video below.

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