Service Dog Struggles to Understand Why The Door Won’t Close, Has Us All Laughing

Check out this hilarious video where a service dog gets into a bit of a pickle while attempting to close his owner’s bedroom door.

In spite of numerous efforts to satisfy the owner’s request, the clever dog remains completely oblivious to the fact that his cherished toy ball is blocking the way of the door. In a rather comical display, the owner cheerfully urges the dog to fetch the ball, while the determined pup remains fixated on his mission of closing the door, completely unaware of the playful obstacle in his path.

«I’ll get my ball after I figure out why this won’t close.» Lucifer the service dog usually closes doors for me on command, as getting up and down multiple times can be difficult. This time, a toy was stuck right outside the door but obstructed from view, preventing it from closing and confusing him. He did his best 🥹 #cardiacalertdog #servicedog #workingdog #wlgsd #germanshepherd #dogtraining #ambulatorywheelchairuser #mcas #ehlersdanlossyndrome #pots ♬ original sound — Demon.Dog.Duo ⛧

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