Tim Conway As The Oldest Man On the Ship — Hysterical Carol Burnett Show Sketch

In this timeless skit from The Carol Burnett Show, the iconic Tim Conway showcases his comedic genius as the Oldest Man, leaving the audience in stitches with his hilarious performance.

The Carol Burnett Show was a program that showcased an incredible ensemble – Carol Burnett, Tim Conway, Harvey Korman, and Vicki Lawrence. The writing on the program was exceptional, showcasing the show’s talented cast of comedians in hilarious and unpredictable scenarios. The writing and the cast are the two main factors that continue to bring laughter to people, even long after the show has ended its television run.

A clip posted on YouTube features Tim and Harvey as two slaves on a ship forced to row the boat as their menacing and unforgiving taskmasters keep a close eye on them. In the opening scene, we find Harvey seated in the front row, enduring a harsh punishment for not meeting expectations.

According to Harvey, not having a partner makes it difficult for him to keep up with others. Tim is presented as the solution to Harvey’s dilemma by his taskmasters. As soon as Tim walks in, the laughter begins.

Tim leisurely walks over to his seat beside Harvey, who is already bursting with laughter, even before his new partner settles down.

The Oldest Man extends a friendly greeting to Harvey. They exchange handshakes, and Tim shares some information with Harvey that could have been useful just moments ago.

“Hi, I’m a leper,” Tim tells Harvey.

The sound of laughter fills the studio, echoing through the air.

As the skit progresses, it’s time for lunch to be served. A taskmaster casually tosses a piece of bread at Tim’s feet, nonchalantly informing him that he only has 30 seconds to enjoy his lunch.

Tim has no choice but to rely on his own two feet to get the bread. This funny move has everyone in the audience and Harvey bursting with laughter.

Whenever Tim and Harvey were paired up for a skit, it never failed to be an absolute blast, with plenty of ridiculous situations and an abundance of laughter. This clip is a perfect example of that!

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