Football Husband — Football Causes Hilarious Chaos for Carol Burnett and Harvey Korman in This Hysterical Sketch

Famous comedians Carol Burnett and Harvey Korman made fun of the fact that football season can be hard for couples in a very funny way.

A lot of people in the US love football. If it’s not them, they know someone who can’t get enough of watching their favorite football team play. Football is a great game, but it can take up a lot of time and attention. This situation may lead to heated discussions, or lack thereof, between spouses.

In a YouTube video, Carol can be seen trying to communicate to her husband Harvey all the time. When she tries to start a chat, though, she fails. He can’t take his eyes off the TV because he wants to see the last few minutes of a very important football game.

Carol won’t give up. She does a lot of crazy and funny things to get her husband to talk to her and recognize her. She stands in the middle of her husband and the TV.

Harvey grabs Carol by the arm and moves her to the other side of the room so that he can keep watching the football game. It looks like this move was the last straw that broke the camel’s back. Now Carol is totally furious and yelling at her football-crazy husband.

She yells, «That did it!» «That did it for sure!»

Then she takes out a newspaper, tears it up, and throws it on the ground.

She yells, «I’m leaving this house and won’t be back until the football season is over!»

Even though she slams the door, her husband is still watching TV, despite all the noise. Carol then does a «instant replay» of what she just did. This is the best and funny part of the whole sketch.

She moves backwards, making it look like she is being rewound to yell about football again.

Carol Burnett is a famous actress, and this video shows why everyone loves and adores her so much!

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