Mama Falls Down the Stairs | Hilarious Carol Burnett Show Clip Definitely Worth Watching

When mama takes a fall, she ends up staying with her daughter and son-in-law, which can be quite an adventure for everyone involved. Check out this hilarious sketch from season 8, episode 19 of The Carol Burnett Show!

Immerse yourself in the delightful world of a classic family comedy sketch from The Carol Burnett Show, as we embark on a journey through a typical day in the Harper household, where chaos and humor blend together harmoniously. Ed, played by Harvey Korman, begins discussing the frustrating traffic situation he experienced, only to be interrupted by Eunice, brilliantly portrayed by Carol Burnett.

Eunice longs for a moment of peace as Mama, portrayed by the talented Vicki Lawrence, finally drifts into sleep, creating a rare break in the usual chaos of the household.

Relive the hilarious moments with the video titled «Mama Falls Down the Stairs.»

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