The Owner Is Teaching the Dogs a New Command, But Look What the Cat Is Doing in the Meantime

Dogs are incredibly loyal and loving animals that can also be trained to perform various tricks.

Almost any dog can learn simple commands like «sit» and «shake,» but there are many more complex tricks that, with proper training, our four-legged friends can master too.

Dogs named Lucy and Phoenix have gained internet fame for their ability to understand and execute their owner’s commands.

However, another clever pet resides in their home—a cat who seems to think she’s a dog.

This cat isn’t content to sit on the sidelines while the dogs hog all the glory! After all, why should they have all the fun?

In this video that has brought smiles to thousands worldwide, we see an owner who has taught his pets to perform several impressive tricks.

While we typically associate such talent with dogs, it turns out that the cat living with them, named Didga, also has some abilities.

I promise you’ll love this adorable trio… They sit together in the living room, attentively listening to their owner standing before them.

Well, it’s time to start the show!

This video proves that even adult dogs can learn new tricks! (And, obviously, cats too)! Do you know someone else who loves both cats and dogs? Give it a «like» and share the video of this marvelous «four-legged» trio on Facebook so more people can enjoy their talent!

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