The Family Issues an Urgent Warning Following a Horrific Lawnmower Incident — Help Us Spread This Information to Others

July 4, 2017 — A Day the Sullivan Family Will Never Forget

On this tranquil summer day, the Sullivan family’s backyard turned into a scene of bloody horror. Unfortunately, their three-year-old son, Roan, became the victim of a truly terrifying accident. As his parents recall, Roan appeared as if he had stepped on a landmine.

The «landmine» turned out to be a typical gardening tool, one that sends at least three children to U.S. emergency rooms daily.

It was a beautiful July day when Sean Sullivan began mowing the lawn. Using a powerful and reliable riding mower, Sean set out to tidy up the yard.

Three-year-old Roan often sat on his father’s lap while he mowed the grass. He enjoyed this time with his dad, and this day was no exception.

Little did the family realize that this particular day would alter their lives forever.

With the grass taller than usual, Sean had his work cut out for him to get the lawn in shape. After some time, his wife, Melissa, took Roan and his younger sister inside while Sean finished up.

Roan wanted a drink of water and went to the kitchen while his mother put his sister down for a nap in her room.

But after having a drink, Roan darted back outside. It all happened in a flash. Before Sean could comprehend what was unfolding, his little son was under the mower.

Here’s how Sean Sullivan remembers that day:

«It was the one time he slipped out unnoticed,» he told WTVR in an interview.

Sean was just finishing up mowing, scanning the area to make sure he hadn’t missed any patches of grass.

But then, suddenly, there was Roan. It happened in an instant, even though the mower was moving at a slow speed.

Devastated, the parents can’t precisely recall how they freed their child from under the mower.

But what they will never forget is the sight of their son. He looked as if he had stepped on a landmine: they thought he might die in their arms any moment.

Somehow they managed to extricate Roan from the mower’s blades, carefully placed him in the car, and rushed straight to the emergency room.

Sean recalls how grateful he was to all the doctors who did everything possible to save his son.

After receiving emergency care, Roan was transferred to Children’s Hospital in Richmond.

He underwent several complex surgeries and had his right foot amputated.

Unfortunately, Roan’s case is far from unique.

Sean, who blames himself for what happened, says this feeling will haunt him for life.

Now the Sullivan family wants to use their experience to warn others about the potential dangers associated with these types of mowers.

It only takes a moment for life to change forever. Always remember that mowers like these can cause irreparable harm to you or your child.

According to the Amputee Coalition, over 600 children annually lose limbs due to mower-related injuries, and over 800 children are run over by mowers or small tractors.

According to the Daily Mail, an average of 69 Americans die from lawnmower accidents each year.

Fortunately, Roan is now on the road to recovery. Every day, he demonstrates great strength and resilience, although the incident nearly cost him his life.

His mother, Melissa, says they thank God for giving their son another chance. She also praises the excellent work of skilled surgeons and doctors!

«Every person who helped our son recover, we consider angels. Their names will forever be in my heart,» Melissa says.

The fantastic support from those around him has helped Roan become stronger than ever. But not every child is as fortunate as he is.

Please help us spread this information so that as many people as possible are aware of the risks associated with powerful lawnmowers. Like and share this article with your friends on Facebook so that no more children suffer.

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