Little Girl Firmly Denies Touching Dog Food When Confronted by Her Mom — Hilarious Video

If we think back to our childhood, we can all remember how unhappy our parents looked every time we did something wrong. This may have been among the worst emotions ever experienced. Even though we would make an effort to learn from our mistakes and never do them again after getting into trouble, the incident would always seem to happen again. Recently, a video from Jacksonville, Florida became viral online, showing a youngster being caught doing something she was not supposed to.

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When you are a child and you are being accused, there is just one thing you can do. Not admit to any wrongdoing and blame someone else instead. This approach may not work, but it makes for a funny video. The 21-month-old Lilyana is seen becoming upset in the brief video, claiming that she hasn’t touched the dog food that has been set out for her pet.

She did her best to make her point, even though children her age lack the language abilities necessary to construct compelling arguments and provide compelling evidence for them. She adopted a straightforward stance and rejected everything that was put in her path. Naturally, she had no evidence to support her claim that she had not touched the dog food. Her parents caught her in the act, which worsened the situation.

According to Lilyana’s mother, the fight started when Lilyana came over when she was cleaning the dishes. She denied touching the deadly knife, even though she had come dangerously close. Then, in a little act of defiance, she touched other objects and denied having done so. This is the cause of the dispute seen in the video. She had started pulling bits of the dog’s food out of its dish during her brief defiance. She was called out on it right away, but she wouldn’t acknowledge her mistake.

Lilyana reasoned that she could get away with all she had done if she pretended not to have done it until the very end of the debate. Her main goal was to hold out for as long as she could. Lilyana and her parents argued for two minutes before she understood they were just making fun of her. At that point, she chose to accept the joke.

Her father intervened after a while because he had had enough of the arguments. He got to her level and told her what he had seen her do to the meal. He had even recalled key details of the event, including what hand she had touched the food with. Unfortunately, Lilyana was uninterested in specifics or proof, so it was all for nothing.

Her parents were crying at the conclusion of the video, laughing uncontrollably, and their child had a little smile on her face. Despite her denials, she felt in her heart that she was responsible for all the charges made against her.

Toddlers often act out and even play with dog food when they are this age. Her parents’ concerns were understandable given that some kids would attempt to eat it.

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