Check Out This Adorable Goldendoodle Millie Hysterically Ignoring Her Mom’s Requests to Get Off the Kitchen Table — Video

Every poodle or doodle owner can relate: They’ve definitely came across this expression before.

Millie the goldendoodle’s owner recently discovered what she does when she’s left alone, and generously decided to share the findings through some entertaining TikToks that many of us can relate to.

Karlee Wippler, known as karburrows on TikTok, shared her initial video on October 17th. It’s footage from an at-home dog camera, similar to a Furbo, that allowed Wippler to see Millie and communicate with her using a microphone. Wippler wasted no time in utilizing that speaking feature as the camera captured fluffy Millie sitting on the kitchen table.

«Millie!» Get down! Get down!» Wippler gives firm instructions, then bursts into laughter. She keeps attempting, persisting for over half a minute, while Millie simply gazes into the camera.

The expression on Millie’s face is one that all owners of doodles and poodles are familiar with. It’s that feeling of being aware that I’m engaging in something I shouldn’t, and knowing that you’re urging me to quit. But I don’t really feel up to it, and unfortunately, you’re not here to make me do it.

Millie finally comes down, but then she goes and puts her front paws on a nearby counter. This prompts another «Get down!» from Wippler, who had just finished expressing gratitude to her dog for finally getting off the table. It leads to an increased amount of laughter from Wippler (as well as the rest of us).

@karburrows First day finding out what Millie does when she is home alone 🥰🥰 #TargetHalloween #fyp #goldendoodle #baddog #MakeItCinematic ♬ original sound — Karlee Wippler

@karburrows Part 2 of leaving Millie home alone. She did not go to her bed 😌 #goldendoodle #MakeADogsDay #fyp #naptime #dogsofttiktok ♬ original sound — Karlee Wippler

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