You Won’t Be Able to Guess What This Golden Retriever Dog’s Favorite Word Is. Watch Video to Find Out

I came across this adorable video of a Golden Retriever dog on Instagram.
If you’ve ever had the pleasure of petting a dog, you’re probably familiar with how much these furry companions adore the sound of their humans, particularly when certain words are spoken. Imagine the joy that fills a Golden Retriever’s face when she hears a specific word. This heartwarming video captures that magical moment perfectly and is sure to brighten your day and put a big smile on your face. You may even feel compelled to watch the video more than once.

The video was posted by an Instagram page that is all about a lovable Golden Retriever named Lady. «Her face as she listens to the Google Map,» reads the caption of the video shared on Instagram. At the beginning of the video, there’s a text insert that says, «My dog’s favorite word is not….» A woman behind the camera then starts to say different things that might make her dog happy. Turns out that the word ‘destination’ cheers up the dog.

«Aww, that’s absolutely adorable!» «She knows she’s in for an adventure when she hears it!» wrote a user with a smiling face with heart eyes emoticon. «Wow, you’re absolutely amazing,» commented another user.

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