A Man Stumbles Upon a Mysterious Slot Hidden at the Rear of His Bathroom Medicine Cabinet

As Brandon Sutton embarked on his bathroom renovation project, little did he know that he would uncover a hidden treasure behind his medicine cabinet.

Hidden away in a tight hole within the cabinet, Brandon stumbled upon a collection of approximately 850 rusty razor blades—a nostalgic glimpse into the grooming habits of a bygone era.

In his Facebook post, Brandon excitedly shared a photo of the antique Star blades stacked up almost to the length of his forearm, describing the find as a «time capsule.» Unveiling this fascinating revelation provided insight into the daily habits of the individual who resided in his residence several years ago.

Back in the day, guys would rely on straight-edged razors to get that smooth shave, usually at a barbershop. But in 1903, everything changed with the introduction of the double-edged safety razor by Gillette. Suddenly, men could effortlessly shave in the comfort of their own homes. Proper disposal of these razors is crucial, considering their sharpness and the potential danger they can pose if not handled correctly.

According to Reader’s Digest, traditional medicine cabinets used to have a unique slot at the back. Over time, this slot was ingeniously created to discreetly store worn-out blades within the wall’s interior. These «razor blade banks» proved to be a smart and effective way to avoid injuries caused by discarded blades.

The blades would find their place nestled between the wall studs, where they would quietly reside, hidden from view and forgotten. Brandon’s exciting find of these blades provides a fascinating glimpse into historical solutions for everyday challenges.

This discovery captivated numerous online users, igniting discussions about the previous method of disposal. There was curiosity surrounding the method for clearing out the blades, with some finding humor in the designers’ seemingly «out of sight, out of mind» approach.

This story brings attention to an interesting historical anecdote and also serves as a reminder of how household technology has evolved over the years. It makes you wonder about the potential hidden treasures lurking within the walls of ancient houses, just waiting to be discovered.

What are your thoughts on Brandon’s recent discovery and the traditional method of disposing razor blades? Are there more surprises lurking within the walls of your homes? Share your thoughts with us!

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