A Groomsman Adds a Playful Touch to His Friends’ Wedding, Capturing a Side-Splitting Moment on Camera — WATCH

Arizona witnessed a hilarious incident at a wedding that has become the talk of the town on the internet.

Brennan Young, a 24-year-old, found himself at his friend Owen’s wedding, surrounded by the rest of the groomsmen, all impeccably dressed and eagerly anticipating the momentous occasion.

They captured a photo during a heartfelt prayer for Owen, creating a beautiful and poignant moment. However, when Brennan decided to post the picture online, it garnered an unexpected amount of attention.

Check out this photo of the groomsmen! They’re all gathered in a circle, rocking light gray pants and crisp white shirts. Brennan was attempting to make his pants more comfortable, but unfortunately ended up with an uncomfortable wedgie.

In the photo, the truth became evident, catching Brennan off guard. It wasn’t until the following day when Owen playfully messaged him, «Benny is cheeked up,» that Brennan finally noticed.

This minor wardrobe malfunction quickly transformed the photo into an internet sensation, garnering an impressive 1.5 million views. People found it absolutely hilarious, leaving comments filled with laughter and wit. Some said, «The cheeks were praying too» while others remarked, «Your butt is eating those pants.» Even SZA, the American singer, couldn’t resist chiming in and making a joke about the situation.

Despite the awkward situation, Brennan handled it with grace, joining in the laughter with the rest of the group. In a lighthearted manner, he playfully declared that he would never bother pulling up his pants again, humorously attributing the fitting problem to the store.

This incident highlights the way a seemingly ordinary moment can transform into a hilarious memory that brings joy to all. It serves as a gentle reminder that often, it’s the unexpected moments that create lasting memories at special occasions such as weddings.

@brennanyoungin I’m never pulling up my pants ever again. I blame Men’s Wearhouse. It’s not me OR my butt’s fault! I hate that someone captured this. I’ll never live it down #wedding #marriage #groomsman #groomsmen #bridalparty #sweetmoments #cheeks #pants #wedgie #noregrets #regret #accident ♬ original sound — byoungin

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