Lucy, a 13-Year-Old Blind Pianist With Autism, Stuns Onlookers with Public Piano Performance

Stunning performance of Chopin’s Nocturne in B flat minor at Leeds Train Station on Channel 4’s «The Piano.» Lucy, a 13-year-old blind and autistic musician, played the piece with great skill. The show’s judges, famous musicians Lang Lang and Mika, were completely amazed by her amazing ability.

On the show, skilled amateurs play on public pianos at UK train stops while Lang Lang and Mika watch and decide if they should move on to the next round. Lucy’s performance really stood out because she played a difficult piece so well.

Lucy’s journey into music began when she was a young child and was diagnosed with eye cancer. Candice, Lucy’s mother, told touching stories about how Lucy had a hard time with medical treatments and how music helped her feel better. Lucy would play tunes on her small keyboard, which would calm everyone down during those hard times.

The Amber Trust has helped Lucy with her music education. The Amber Trust is a group that helps blind musicians. Daniel Bath, Lucy’s teacher, came up with a unique way to teach that let her learn by feeling his fingers on the piano keys. This shows how well she understood music.

Experience Lucy’s amazing ability as a young pianist whose music can connect people across barriers. Watch her act below to see a real inspiration.

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