9-Month-Old Twins Absolutely Love Their New Jolly Jumpers & Johnny Cash — Their Adorable ‘Dance Moves’ Melt 3.7M Hearts

Imagine this: two adorable babies, Reese and Levi, happily bouncing in their Jolly Jumpers to the iconic tunes of Johnny Cash.

Yes, it’s true—Johnny Cash and Jolly Jumpers, a perfect combination for little ones!

However, let’s take a moment to pause.

Curious about the mysterious Jolly Jumper?

Come along with me as I guide you through a nostalgic journey.
In 1910, the Jolly Jumper came to life, all thanks to a hardworking mother named Susan Olivia Poole.

She was overwhelmed and unable to immediately provide her baby with the attention he required.

She came up with a clever solution and put together a makeshift swing using a cloth diaper, an ax handle, and a steel spring.

Here it is! The birth of the first Jolly Jumper marked the beginning of a remarkable journey, and the subsequent events that unfolded have become an integral part of our history.

In 1957, this brilliant invention was patented. Olivia’s inspiration?
Her childhood at the White Earth Indian Reserve in Minnesota, where mothers ingeniously used swing systems to keep their little ones entertained while they carried out their daily tasks.
Now, let’s all take a moment to appreciate the amazingness of Jolly Jumpers!

These things are absolute lifesavers for parents overwhelmed by the endless energy of their little ones.

Watch their fancy footwork in the video below!

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