How the Cast of the Cult Film ‘Armageddon’ Looks 26 Years Later: Photos of the Actors Then and Now

The 1998 film «Armageddon» became a truly epochal movie. It launched the career of director Michael Bay and elevated the status of several actors, including Bruce Willis, Ben Affleck, Liv Tyler, and Will Patton.

The plot of «Armageddon» revolves around a group of drillers sent on a mission to save Earth from colliding with a giant asteroid. Despite some questions about the realism of the plot, most viewers were thrilled by the film’s scale, epicness, spectacle, and, of course, its cast.

26 years after the release of «Armageddon,» we remind you how these acting legends looked back then and note how much they have changed over the past quarter-century. Some of them are still acting today, while others, unfortunately, can no longer do so due to health reasons.

1. Liv Tyler (Grace Stamper), 46 Years Old

2. Billy Bob Thornton (Dan Truman), 68 Years Old

3. Eddie Griffin (Courier), 55 Years Old

4. Jessica Steen (Jennifer Watts), 58 Years Old

5. Judith Hoag (Denise), 55 Years Old

6. Dyllan Christopher (Tommy), 32 Years Old

7. Ken Hudson Campbell (Max), 61 Years Old

8. Udo Kier (Psychologist), 79 Years Old

9. Will Patton (Chick), 69 Years Old

10. Owen Wilson (Oscar), 55 Years Old

11. Ben Affleck (Frost), 51 Years Old

12. Bruce Willis (Harry Stamper), 69 Years Old

13. Peter Stormare (Lev Andropov), 70 Years Old

14. Steve Buscemi (Rockhound), 66 Years Old

15. William Fichtner (William Sharp), 67 Years Old

16. Grayson McCouch (Gruber), 55 Years Old

17. Michael Clarke Duncan (Bear), Passed Away September 3, 2012 (at the age of 54)

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