Proving A Point To Her Husband — What Does a Woman Who Doesn’t Drink, Shop, or Go to the Salon Look Like?!

A well-dressed young woman is walking down the street. Coming towards her is a homeless woman who hasn’t washed in a year, wearing a filthy cloak, with matted dirty hair and an aroma to match.

Homeless Woman:

— Ma’am, can you spare two dollars for lunch?

The lady, taking out a ten-dollar bill from her wallet:

— Be honest with me, if I give you ten instead of two dollars, you’ll probably buy wine, right?

Homeless Woman:

— Oh no! I gave up drinking years ago.
— Maybe you’ll go shopping instead of buying food?
— No, no, food is much more important to me!
— Or maybe you’ll go to a hair salon or a beauty parlor with it?
— Are you crazy? I haven’t been to a hair salon in twenty years!


— In that case, I’ll give you a hundred dollars on the condition that you come to the restaurant with me and my husband.

Homeless Woman:

— Your husband will kill you! I’m dirty and I smell awful!
— That’s okay! He needs to see what a woman who doesn’t drink, shop, or go to the hair salon looks like!!!

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