Teachers And Cheerleaders Face Off In Epic Hilarious Dance Duel

Every school develops and refines its customs and traditions over time, but in Seattle, one school takes it to the next level with an annual dance battle between teachers and cheerleaders!

Established in 1954, Bishop Blanchet High School holds the distinction of being the first Catholic co-ed high school in the Archdiocese of Seattle. The school has an enrollment of around 950 students in grades 9-12, and it is proud to have a network of 16,000 alumni.

Every year, at BBHS’s homecoming rally, the cheerleaders put on a captivating dance routine, choreographed to the iconic 1988 song «Supersonic» by J. J. Fad. Every year, they extend an invitation to teachers to join them for their performance on this special day.

Every cheerleader-teacher pair performs their own unique routine, impressing the entire gymnasium filled with students and staff. In this video, dated September 2022, you’ll find a group of 16 cheerleaders and 16 incredibly courageous teachers showcasing their talents!

Among the teachers participating, there is a diverse range of experience levels, with some just starting their careers and others nearing the end of theirs. Roughly two-thirds of the dancing teachers are men. It seems that some people are boldly venturing beyond their comfort zones, while others are confidently taking charge!

Take a look at them!

@bishopblanchet Supersonic— the teacher edit! #hoco2022 #tradition ♬ original sound — Bishop Blanchet High School

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