Top 5 Food Businesses for Millenials to start in 2020 With Growth and Success

If you’re a millennial and you want to become an entrepreneur and start your own business, I’m gonna give you five food businesses that you could start in 2020 to start the new year off. And we’re gonna get to it right now.

(upbeat music) All right, welcome back to «Marketing Food Online» and if this is your first video, welcome to «Marketing Food Online». This is the premier food entrepreneur channel on YouTube. We talk about everything food and of course business.

Food businesses and helping you get your food product onto store shelves or show you how to start a food business and make money selling food. So I’m gonna get into the top five food businesses to start in 2020.

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If you are looking to start off the new year with a brand new career or a new business and you are a millennial, you are gonna love this list. Because these are five specific groups of food products that will only continue to grow enormously over the next 10 to 20 years. So if you wanna get in something like these one of five businesses you definitely want to listen to this entire video and figure out which one you may want to get into.

Now if you want to make your own food product, all five of these have co-packers and also have private label companies that can assist you by creating and manufacturing them for you if that’s what you wanna do. Or if you simply wanna resell food in the top five categories I’m gonna give you you can also do that as well.

So let’s get to it, I’m gonna give you from five down two what I believe is the number one food business to jump into starting next year. So let’s take a look at this list. And I’m gonna give you reasons why, by the way. I’m not just gonna give you five really quick lists of things, but I’m gonna tell you why their so important and why their gonna continue to grow and of course why you need to be a part of it.

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All right, number five is gonna be gluten-free food products. Now gluten-free if you’re not familiar with it is actually a food product that most people who suffer from celiacs disease, it is actually a disease that their system cannot break down the gluten in certain products so they have to eat gluten-free.

Why is this a category that I’m mentioning? Because it is growing rapidly. In the U.S. alone there’s over estimated, over three million people who have to eat a gluten-free style diet. Now with that in mind you gotta keep in mind also the baby boomers also are becoming more and more aware of their gluten intolerance and baby boomers are one of the largest population percentages in the United States.

And of course as they get older their systems are not gonna be able to break that down and they will become diagnosed with, of course, celiacs disease and needing some kind of gluten-free diet. Now what does that mean for you? Well there is an enormous variety of food products from snacks to breads to main dishes and dinners and those types of things even.

That are gluten-free or becoming manufactured gluten-free. So it’s not designated to one specific type of food. There’s a huge variety, a big menu of products that can be put out into the market place that can be gluten-free. That opens up more opportunity for you as a food entrepreneur.

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Definitely, especially if you’re a millennial and you’re looking for a new type of career of business, gluten-free food products are somethin’ you need to definitely look into. Number four, sugar free. Sugar free is definitely something that’s gonna continue to grow of the next 10 to 12 years.

Actually it’s gonna continue to grow period over the next 30 or 40 years because there are millions of people who are now being diagnosed as diabetic. But it’s not only that. Sugar-free products in general are good for most people who are health conscious.

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There’s a lot of people who just want to reduce their sugar intake so they don’t necessarily need to be diabetic or diagnosed as having diabetes to have a sugar-free lifestyle. Or if they just wanna reduce their calories. There’s a lotta people who are super healthy that simply want to take in less sugar.

So sugar free products from cookies to snacks to breads and to crackers and to all kinds of products that can become sugar-free, that is a food product category that’s going to continue to grow period. No matter how many people are diagnosed with diabetes or people who just wanna be more health conscious and simply just cut back on sugar.

So that is a gigantic part and segment of the population. Now one of the other statistics that I read that was very interesting was that one in four people are actually diabetic or being diagnosed as having diabetes or some form of diabetes just in the U.S. alone.

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So the sugar-free category is something that you definitely wanna look into if you wanna get into creating a food business for yourself. Now again, as I mentioned in the opening of this video, all of these products have co-packers and private label companies that can actually manufacture these products for you under your own brand and you can even sell it on Amazon under the FBA program or simply as a private labeled product.

All right, number three. Millennials are having a lot of children. They are having a lot of kids. And because of that most millennial parents are actually quite aware of nutrition and wanting to have their kids eat healthier, non-processed or minimally processed and foods that are more healthier. So number three is healthy kids’ snacks. Specifically snacks and here is the reason why.

Bein’ a father my own, having kids I’m well aware of how much food that kids can consume. Especially when they reach that eight to 10-year-old age. Having snacks around the house is something that is every day consumed. Every single day kids are consuming snacks.

The healthier the snacks are, the more appealing they are, parents will buy them like crazy. And of course being snacks, they get consumed quicker than normal meals or lunches or dinners or breakfasts. 

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