How to ship a Pie Safely and in the Mail Start a Pie Business

So if you are looking to figure out what is the best way to ship this, a pie, this video is going to be pretty cool.

And I’m going to show you how we do it safely and securely so you can ship your pies from either your pie business or maybe you’re just shipping pies to family and friends for the holidays. But I’m going to get into exactly how we do it here in our shipping department, right now. (country guitar music) All right so as I mentioned in that introduction there, I’m going to show you how we ship pies.

Now, I’m going to give you some step by step tutorials and then everything I’m using including this magical pie pan that I’m holding right here, is going to be in a list down below in the comments section, in the description section. Check out the description section. I’m going to show you everything I have here, you can find there, quick easy links, so you can get what I use.

You can buy all the shipping supplies. Very, very simple guys, but there’s a lot of questions I’ve had actually a lot of questions about this and I thought this time of the year, obviously this would be the best time to do it because we’re approaching obviously the Fall season so the holidays are coming.

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So if you’re looking to either start a pie business and you’re figuring out, well I can make great pies, but I’ve never shipped one. I’m going to show you several different ways, actually two, I’m going to give you two of them, that are ways you can ship them very securely, safely, and get them to their destination.

Now, the only drawback to this video is, I’m going to tell you there’s some pies that you can’t really ship at all, even if you freeze ’em. And I’m going to get into exactly which ones those would be, but let’s get into the step by step on how to actually ship this pie and by the way, this is a little different video than what I normally do here on Marketing Food Online, but I wanted to do a handful of videos and I’m going to try to make it a series, on how to ship food in the mail.

So if you’re looking to figure out how to ship different food products, if you have questions in regard to that by the way, and I’m going to put the phone down, I know I’m wobbling a little bit here, if you have any questions about any type of food product, ask me down below and I’m going to give you tips on how to ship ’em.

We actually ship out 400 different items, yes, different items, from our bakery here. This is our shipping department, as most of my videos I shoot here. So I’m going to get right into it, and let’s hop right into it. Let me pause it really quick. Okay, all right so we got the camera all set up on the magical tripod.

Now I’m going to be talking to you this way and I’m going to be picking up the camera a little bit, gonna move it around and show you the different things that I’m going to do to actually securely ship this pie. Now by the way, if this is your first video, this is Marketing Food Online. My name is Damien, I own and operate a candy and snack business. My wife and I have been online now for a little bit over 11 years, about 10 years or so.

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So we’ve been actually selling all over the planet. We started from home, and we now have a commercial kitchen and we’re super excited about this channel bringing you guys a lot of tips and pointers on how to start food businesses, food packaging, and pretty much everything you need to know to get a food business up and running.

So with that being said, if you’re not subscribed I’ll do a little pitch, hit that subscribe button, and you’ve got over 600 free videos to help you get started, okay cool. All right, so we got that out of the way. Now, holiday season, it is, actually today is October 5th. I’m actually doing this on October 5th. I’m probably going to upload it today. We are going to ship the pie.

Now number one, pies ship fantastic in the mail, if you follow my instructions. Now, the pies that don’t, and I’m going to tell you there’s a couple that don’t and there’s reason. Pies that have a crust on the top, this is an apple pie, has a crust on the top, these do better than let’s say, pumpkin pie, or something to that affect okay.

If you have like a custard, or you’ve got something that’s kind of like as firm and the consistency of a pumpkin pie, they ship okay, but they do have a tendency to run a little bit of a risk, and I’ll explain to you that a little bit further along the lines on why they would be damaged, or they have the potential to get damaged more so than this.

Now meringue, if you’ve got something with meringue on top or you got something that has a creamy top and it’s a big like mound over the top of the pie, right? You got the meringue thing, you do a little frosting, you got the egg whites and all the good stuff. That does not ship; I personally would never ship anything like that. I don’t even know how to ship that to be honest with you.

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That has a very light coating. Obviously the meringue is something Jello like and such, is not a good idea. You can freeze pies like that, but in the transit the consistency’s going to get changed up and the way that I seal this with the shrink wrap, and I’ll show you how this works, that doesn’t really work for pies that have like whip cream or any of that soft stuff on the top.

But there’s a lot of other pies, rhubarb pie, like I said apple pie works great, pecan pie doesn’t really have a crust on the top right? But apple pies, any pies like this could be great. So let’s get right into it. So number one, obviously when you ship them if you’re looking to start a pie business too, these are great tips.

Obviously you want a disposable, everybody knows what these are, disposable pie pan. Bake it in that, you want it also to be very light. Don’t use a heavy disposable pie pan.

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