HUAWEI Y9s Unboxing and Review

Hey guys it’s Eric here and this is my Unboxing and Quick Review of the Huawei Y9s. This is not to be confused with the Y9 2019 or Y9 Prime 2019 which I also reviewed on my channel. When we open the box, we’re greeted with the smartphone.

Let’s go ahead and peel out the sticker on the back and on the front. This is the breathing crystal color, also comes in midnight black . There’s a screen protector already applied. Let’s power it on while we see what else is in the box. We have an envelope that houses the sim ejector tool, the user guide, a clear tpu case with all the necessary cut outs.

On the bottom compartment we get a standard 10 watt charger, a USB type C cable and pair of earphones. On the front, we have a 6.59 inch FHD+ IPS LCD Display with 19.5 by 9 aspect ratio. On top of the display you have a 16Megapixel camera that pop up and an ear piece.

On the back you have a triple camera set up, a 48 megapixel main shooter, an 8 megapixel ultra wide angle lens and a 2 megapixel camera for depth sensing with flash. On the left you have nothing On the right you have your volume rocker and a power button that doubles up as your fingerprint sensor.

On the top of the device, you have a microphone and a Hybrid SIM tray that houses 2 4G/LTE nano SIMs or 1 SIM and 1 SD CardOn the bottom, you have your speaker grill, USB type C port, a second Microphone and a 3.5mm headphone jack. The aluminium frame and glass back of the Y9s is as premium as it gets.

The breathing crystal gradient color is a fingerprint repellent which is something you don’t see very often on a midrange phone, we saw it first with the P30 Series. It has a very small camera bump and honestly, not a lot of midrange phones I’ve seen look or feel this good. The Y9s is a phablet sized phone and a lot of what you see up front is the display, no notch or punch hole, similar to the Y9 Prime 2019 and it’s all thanks to the motorised pop up camera.

The FHD+ display is pretty bright outdoors, great for consuming media and you can watch YouTube videos in 1080P. It is not the most color accurate display out there but it is customisable to suit your taste. This comes in 6gigs of RAM and 128Gigs of storage. It Ships with Android 9 Pie and EMUI 9.1 slapped on top of it.

This has full Google services support and we’d be getting regular updates. In the settings you get all of the same nifty features you saw on the Y9 Prime 2019. I was kinda hoping for the dark mode and second space but I guess those features are reserved for flagships.

About the performance, this uses Huawei’s Hisilicon Kirin 710F CPU clocked at 2.2GHZ. This isn’t the latest midrange chip by Huawei but it is tested and trusted. It still breezes through most tasks without lagging or heating up and I haven’t gotten complaints about any of the older phones running on this chip. The fingerprint sensor is super fast and you don’t even have to press the power button.

This is the first side mounted fingerprint sensor from Huawei that i’m reviewing and I’m quite impressed. I wasn’t even a fan of the side mounted fingerprint sensor before now When it comes to gaming, as usual I played PUBG on default settings which is balanced graphics and medium frame rates.

It games just like the Y9 Prime 2019 and I did a separate gaming review for that with games like PES 2019 and Asphalt 9. I will be leaving a link to it up above and in the description box. Do let me know if there are more games you’d like me to test on this guy.About battery life, I got through a full day of using mostly social media apps and 3+ hours of PUBG all on WiFi, this gave me 11 hours screen on time with 17% left to spare.

Quite impressive for a display this big. The battery temperature running cool on medium to heavy usage is probably what keeps it at its optimal performance.It took me 1 hour and 59 minute s to charge from zero to 100 percent, it does not support fast charging.

The Triple AI camera set up of the Y9s has seen some major upgrades over the y9 Prime 2019, now you have a 48megapixel main shooter which actually isn’t set by default. Rather you have it set at 12megapixel as recommended. Now looking at these 2 side by side, you can barely tell the difference but when you crop the image, you see way more details on the 48megapixel shot.

It does take a second or 2 longer to capture and process the image but depending on the purpose of the photos you capture, it may be worth it to leave it on this setting. Taking close up shots like these don’t require you to switch to 48megapixel coz as you can see it’s quite detailed just as is, especially if you plan to post on social media.

The portrait mode does identify and blur out the background but also isn’t quite as sharp as the primary shot. The selfie portrait mode is not as accurate when it comes to mapping your face. What i like is the night mode and how makes all the difference. Indoors, the mid-range-ness of the camera shows quite a lot which isn’t a bad thing if you’re not expecting anything like the P30 Lite new edition quality.

You get a screen flash for your late night selfies which i’m still not sure anybody does. It shoots videos in 1080P The Huawei Y9s may be an incremental upgrade over the Y9 Prime 2019 but in this largely overlooked phablet category, the premium build and camera upgrades are definitely worth the price difference.

Now there are quite a number of compact to average sized midrange phones out now with better specs but the Y9s isn’t playing in that league. The fact that you would even consider it means you either have big hands or you consume a lot of media on the go or for some reason, you love that middle of the road between a tablet and a phone.

Most midrange phones that remotely look like the Huawei Y9s are either too expensive or made from plastic. The Y9s is priced at N98,900 naira which converts to $275 US dollars and You can pre-order it on Jumia starting now til the 15th of December to get the Huawei Band 4e for free.

I’d be leaving a pre-order link in the description. Thanks for watching, pls give this video a thumbs up if you enjoyed it. You can follow me on twitter and Instagram to see what I’m up to. Do subscribe for more videos like this as it would mean a lot to me.

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