The story of a single dream. Any situation can be overcome.

Taira Fowley learned a few months before her wedding that her grandma had gone to a special center owing to her poor health and was no longer able to fly. But she was so eager to watch the wedding that Taira devised a plan that permitted her dear person to go.

History demonstrates that it is enough to be able to perceive things more broadly to be able to get out of any circumstance.

Taira stated that she was aware of her 103-year-old grandmother’s final request. When the nurse inquired about it, the elderly lady stated that she would greatly like to attend her granddaughter’s wedding.

Taira arrived at the hospice, and the grandma was informed that she had a visitor. Taira dressed up like she was going to a wedding and waited for her grandmother. She then wrote that it was one of the best days of her life.

Words cannot express how precious these moments are to me, and I will cherish them for the rest of my life. Her laugh and smile… «I love you very much,» she replied, taking my face in her hands. She passed away after 27 days.

At the wedding, Taira surprised her whole family by showing these touching images. Taira wanted to grant her last wish, and we think she succeeded.

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