A man was renovating his home when he discovered a whole secret city after knocking down a wall…

A shock or two are unavoidable while renovating your home, but what the guy in the video below found was hidden under his house puts things to a whole new level. The guy uncovered a whole subterranean city, and there are pictures to prove it.

The amazing discovery was made in 1963, but we’re just now learning about it. According to reports, the guy from Turkey who found everything chose to demolish a wall in his house as part of a renovation project.

Nothing could have prepared the guy for what occurred next once he discovered a secret chamber beyond that wall. The path led to a cave-like space, which led to further passageways and rooms, and the guy quickly realized he was living under a metropolis.

The city was completely deserted and seemed to have been inhabited for decades. It did, however, have every facility required to support a community. Do you want to learn more about this intriguing city that this guy happened to stumble upon?

If you’re wondering about its beginnings, all you have to do is press play. This is incredible!

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